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How to create a blog
My goal is not to become famous but to share experiences and knowledge that sometimes many overlook or that simply they have not done. Without grasping the nuances of life, without curiosity, without being close to the world around you, in my opinion, life is not worth living. Writing is not a simple task. You have to be inspired and know how to espress your thoughs in a personal and captivating form. As far as clearing the mind before writing, I suggest to try deep breathing with your eyes closed for few minutes. You can see this video for some guidance: . Writing is not like working at the office. You write when you are in the mood. So, if you are not ready for it, there is nothing you can do to change it. Wait for inspiration. You also need to have a theme or a subject that you know well and you are passionate about it. I pick a subject I want to talk about it, then I start writing what I have in mind even if I might change everything later. It’s like an image that is out of focus in the beginning and then it becomes clearer and clearer until you feel it’s exactly what you want to express. Also don’t forget to add your photos to help the storytelling. Good luck!

Platform and provider
I did the blog myself without any help. Also, photos and content are mine. I don’t have any video related to these posts. Only photographs. I use aruba as a provider and WordPress as a platform for my blog. . The theme is called “Twenty seventeen”. It’s easy to start from there and then make few changes to customize it with your images and colors. The WordPress theme is very simple to manage. I made few adjustments, allowed by the theme, but once you’re set on a theme you don’t have to do much else. Try it! WordPress is an excellent choice for begineers. The most important think is to identify what you want/like to focus on. It should be relevant for you but also for the audience. Also is important to have good photography to support the stories. Starting a blog it’s easy and it does not cost a lot of money either. I suggest to use WordPress that has hundreds of different design and it’s very simple to manage. There is no cost associated to that, it’free, in other words. The only money you have to pay is for the domain that is the address of the blog since any blog on the internet needs to register. To register a domain you have to get in touch with a service provider. In Italy a good one is Aruba. The annual cost for a personal domain (blog) is between 30 to 50 Euros. No reasons not to get started.

Offers to write posts or exchanging links
Thank you for the offer, however, I write the posts and do the photography myself. If you have something to say or to express, create your own blog. It’s easy. A blog is a personal form of expression so, exchanging or writing posts with or for others don’t make a lot of sense, in my opinion. Same thing for who suggest to modify your blog.

Language and spelling errors
I write in Italian since it’s my mother tongue and the translation is managed automatically by a Google plugin. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to change that, at this point. I’m aware that’s far from perfect but, for now, it’s the best alternative I have to allow to non-Italian speaking visitors to read my blog.

Blog security / Spamming
I have not experienced hackers and problems with security, so far. My blog has no commercial value and doesn’t have banners and publicity of any sort. It’s my way to tell stories that I like using only my resources. I guess hackers have better targets than this. I suggest, however, to check the plugin list or do a search and maybe there is something to protect you from this problem. I have a plugin called “WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click” to protect my blog against copy and paste wich is very annoying like spamming. My experience so far in this blog is only a limited number of junk/spam emails. Since I have the opportunity to approve or not the comments that appear on the blog, I could easily delete them. I appreciate positive comments about the blog but I publish the comments related to the content only.

Browser compatibility
WordPress is always updated and works with most of the popular browers. Since I’m a Mac user, I see the blog on Safari and it’s fine. I think problems with particular browsers could be related to the version you are using. My site is already mobile friendly like all WordPress based sites. if you are not able to load the blog on your smartphone, I’m afraid you have a phone or a system that is too old to take advantage of new technology.

Donation button and advertising
I don’t look for donations or advertising on this blog. It’s a free form of expression on what I like and enjoy. It’s a pleasure to share these thoughts with people that you don’t even know, that are from different and far away countries and that have similar passions or interests.

How to contact me and to subscribe to the blog
Click on the button with the envelope at the bottom of the page if you like to write me in private. If you want to know more about me click on “who I am” in the site menu. If you want to subscribe to the blog you can click on the RSS button on the right side of the posts or on the envelope icon next to it and then enter your email address.

Sharing the link of the blog
It’s a pleasure to have a larger audience. Thank you for sharing.

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